My journey as business coach

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Six years ago I was living in the beautiful city of Barcelona. One day my husband came home with the great news that he was being offered a position in Switzerland. I was very happy for him but at the same time I felt sad of leaving my life in that amazing city. I started to look for ways to shift my mindset to confront that change. I came across a course called “coaching”. I knew very little about that topic, but something about this word captured my attention. As I attended the classes my interest in this field grew. I was so interested in getting to know myself better and at the same time understand how to help others face change, take action and transform their lives.

A few months after, my family and I moved to Switzerland. Very quickly I found  job in a multinational company. I enjoyed that experience very much! Executives full of knowledge surrounded me and my learning curve was steep. In spite of this, a few questions kept coming regularly to my mind: How can I make a difference? What is my purpose? How can I inspire people within organisations to bring the best of themselves and lead with authenticity?  I ignored those questions for years and a busy schedule struggling between my three children, husband, family abroad and a demanding job helped a lot in quieting this voice.

After four years in Switzerland, I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A new city, a new beginning! This time things were different. I did not want a regular job. I wanted a better balance in my life and most importantly I wanted to discover my purpose. After a lot of exploration, I decided to hear my call and become a business coach. I realised that my purpose is to help professionals be authentic, creative and lead to make a difference! A difference in their personal lives, in their team members, in their organisation and inspire others to bring the best out of themselves.

This blog is intended to share knowledge and support people willing to make changes. It is a space to share my voice and inspire leaders to make a positive impact. I hope you enjoy it!

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