Change today! Five simple steps to achieve your goals

As the year begins it is very common that we think about new goals to achieve. Many will have not only one goal but plenty in mind for example, to lose weight, change jobs, have a promotion, buy a new house, start a business or many others. However, how many of these goals are you really committed to?

Here are some insights that I have collected that will help you to achieve your goals and get results.

1.Write your goals down: It is scientifically proven that when you write your goals down your commitment towards these goals improve. Make a list of all your goals for this year and prioritise them.

2. Keep it simple. Less is more:  A very common excuse to leave our goals is lack of time. We have our own commitments and the “To do” list never ends. Focusing on too many goals at the same time is not recommended. Most of the time we end up doing a bit of everything and achieving nothing. Take a look at your goals in the list you make and focus on the one that is most important to you. Put all your effort and commitment on this one goal. As you start seeing results and you have mastered taking action towards that goal start with the following on your list. You will see that small changes have also a domino effect and when you realise you are able to achieve results in one area of your life, you will see effects in other areas as well.

3. Make a plan. Focus on smaller steps: Change can be scary, and overwhelming. Depending on what our goals are you may visualise them very far away and too difficult to achieve. It is therefore important to break down these goals in very small steps. Steps that you can act upon immediately! Ask yourself when making your plan. What small step can I take today that will help me achieve my goal? Start small!

4. Plan how to deal with obstacles: complications and tendency to go back to old habits is inevitable as we try to change something in our lives. It takes a lot of will power to stick to our implementation plan. Plan ahead your reaction when facing a situation that could derail you from achieving results.

5. Exercise: Although, your goal might not be related with being fit, or lose weight. It is proven that exercise boost motivation and improves your mood, two important elements to stay committed to your goals. As little as 20 minutes can have an effect in your motivation when you are feeling down or doubtful, and start to procrastinate. Include in your implementation plan time to exercise.

Commitment and action are key to be successful and get where you want to be. A professional coach can help you remain accountable to your plan, get rid of internal conflicts that are making you doubt, increase self-awareness and address those blind spots that are preventing you to achieve sustainable results.

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