Get ready to:

  • Build a steely confidence, and express your voice easily. 
  • Experience breakthroughs, look inward and get results in your personal and professional life. 
  • Be an outstanding leader that get results, is seen and recognized and makes a difference in people’s lives. 
  • Break bad habits and eliminate limiting beliefs 
  • Experience more fulfillment and work life balance
  • Live with more purpose, energy and passion
  • Live without confusion and self doubt 
  • Learn to see that you are important and you must prioritize yourself in order to be of service to others
  • Clarify your identity to increase focus and influence
  • Effectively manage change in your life and work


“Carolina helped activate an energy inside me that’s been there all along. She is very firm and won’t buy into the old stories. Instead she helped me create a new story for myself with me as the lead. I’ve gained the confidence to step into a leadership role in my company and actually my entire life. Thank you!”

― May Hishmeh, Australia

“Carolina has been fundamental to strengthen my confidence. Since working with her I have gain more visibility in the management team, I am now recognized for my ideas and results. I also feel happier, motivated, understand my priorities and are more present and connected with people around me.”

― Patricia Pachon

“Thanks to Carolina’s coaching I am aware on how important it is to express myself assertively, to add value and to better communicate the results of my work. I have been promoted and have been offered my dream job. I feel more confident, I know how to manage my emotions and don’t let anger take over. I feel more balanced, work more effectively and with less stress. I feel in charge of my own story and feel proud and amazing that I am having a positive impact in my company and my family.”

― Daniel Lorenzo

Ten Facts about Carolina

  1. Certified Professional Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), award winning entrepreneur with over 500 hours of coaching experience, supporting  corporate professionals, business owners and people in career transition to strengthen their confidence, get results fast and find fulfilment and balance in their lives.
  2. Carolina has an International business background with solid corporate experience in multinational companies in The USA, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Colombia, and Canada.  For more than a decade, she has coached senior managers and executives in medium and large corporations around the world and from different industries in performance and leadership development.
  3. Through her coaching approach, she offers mid-and top managers, senior executives and business owners a safe space for personal and professional development, to gain self-awareness, improve self-love and self-worth, find what is truly important to them and take control of their lives so they can lead authentically and with purpose.
  4. Carolina uses the power of stories to create breakthroughs, realisations and transformation in her clients. Her approach is designed to make change easy and fun and to get sustainable results. 
  5. Carolna believes that success lies in commitment, curiosity,  and continuous implementation and above all enjoying what you do and being true to yourself. For her happiness, success and pretty much everything you put yourself up to is a choice. This is the way she approaches life and lies at the core of her practice.
  6. Carolina is married and a mother of three children living abroad for over 15 years. She has experienced first hand the challenges of relocation, adaptation to different cultures and continuing her career overseas. My passion is to support leaders to be successful in all areas of their lives so that they enjoy what they do and step up by developing  people within the organisation and their communities.
  7. Carolina has been mentored by the best in the world in the coaching industry by participating in exclusive masterminds and inner circle groups of Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. 
  8. Carpolina believes great leaders make a difference in other people lives. A percentage of total earnings are donated to different organisations in developing countries like Colombia and India supporting kids that are either facing terminal illnesses, or that lack resources for education or to rescue child trafficking
  9. Apart from my coaching business, Carolina enjoys volunteering, spending time with my kids, and managing her other business in real estateI investment
  10. Carolina earned beginning of 2019 a prestigious award of 100 successful women in Business in South Florida.
  11. I love my life and I am grateful everyday to do what I love doing the most, to live my life with passion and fulfilment and to inspire and empower people to do the same.
“Change doesn’t have to be complicated, people make it complicated. When you see great things about yourself that you’ve lost sight of, you begin to appreciate who you are, gain confidence, and life becomes easier and enjoyable”

Carolina Zorrilla

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