Expatriate Workshops

International assignments are growing at 3% each year. It is concerning that on average 50% of these assignments result in failure mainly due to lack of adaptation of family members. It is expected that going forward this will only get more complex as a percentage of dual career couples increases rapidly creating an additional challenge to the expat, the family and companies.

In response to this need, we have developed a series of workshops:

  • Intercultural Training:
    • Cultural awareness & cultural readiness
    • Expatriation process
  • Executive Legacy:
    • Understand organisational and home country culture
    • Explore your personal traits to embrace in your assignment
    • Identify key areas to develop to have better impact in your new role
  • Spouse Support:
    • Career development
    • Networking
    • Social integration

The highly interactive workshops have a balanced mix of information, exercises and experience sharing. Attendants leave with a clear short term and mid term plan.

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